Inspiration point

The Creative Drive

Do you find yourself driven to make something? If given homework at school, did you hand yours up neatly written, but plain, or neatly written and decorated with multicolour penwork? What do you think is the force behind this need to create, make, or otherwise construct something out of anything?

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Spectrum Square

Spectrum Square – Really the last colour

It has been some time since my last post to this challenge, but I am hoping you are still out there waiting to complete this project. My many apologies for the delay.

How are you doing? There has been plenty of time to catch up due to my absence. Will you be ready to post your completed Spectrum Squares in two week’s time. I know I’ll have to get working.

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Red Parrot Pea complete

Tools and Techniques – Watercolour lifting out and scrubbing

As a bonus, I started reading one of my watercolour painting books, and encountered the technique of lifting off. The book basically described how you can lift off paint by wetting the dried paint with a brush and then blotting with tissue. When I experimented with acrylic glazing, I wiped the glaze with a cloth before it could dry properly to give it texture. I pondered if I could get an interesting effect using the lifting off technique combined with the scrubbing on the petals in this piece.

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Squished by Real Life

Inspirations for May 2011

I would be very interested in knowing what you would like to see on this blog. I’ve been presenting some regular segments here with mixed results. What are your thoughts on those? What do you prefer? What else would you like to see here? I really would like to present what you want to see, so please let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfill. Comment

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Spike - original sketch

Sunday Sketches – experiments in hand drawn animation

Sunday Sketches… I actually did some sketching this week as part of my current venture into animation. When I say animation, I mean very basic animation. I did the sketches below as an experiment to see how the process works. I have since decided to use another method and another character, so these drawings are redundant, but I kinda liked him and thought I could introduce you all to Spike (no relation to the Buffy character…though I suppose I could draw a couple of fangs on him :D)

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