My creative neighbourhood

My Creative Neighbourhood – Seascapes

This week I have fallen back into playing with my acrylics, so I thought I’d nosey around at what others have been doing with acrylic paint. Shortly after starting my gander, I fell in love with a seascape and found myself looking around at more of those, so this week we have Seascapes as a topic to gaze at.

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Calothamnus - Net bush

Shadow Shot Sunday – Net bush

Calothamnus (common names include ‘Net Bush’) is a genus of plants confined the Western Australia. This one is from my In-Law’s front garden. It is responding to the unusually wet summer we’ve had, and has thrown on all this beautiful new growth. I was up there picking up my daughter when I saw it and had to rush home to grab my camera. The colours in this are fantastic and I may create some artwork from it.

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Wreath Wattle glazed leaf

Tools and Techniques – acrylic glazing

I’m learning. And as I learn, I’m hoping to share what I learn. These are the tools and techniques and other little arty technical thingies that I’m playing with at the moment. I hope they are useful. ( a new series to tie in with my experiments and explorations – today I finished my Wreath Wattle painting and experimented with glazing)

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Wreath wattle

Inspiration Point – The Black Forest

God, this is scary – actually writing it down. Does this mean I actually have to follow up on it? 😀

It is more of a project than a resolution, but it is something that has been floating around in the vast empty space I use for a brain for several years now, and it is something I really should get off my butt and do.

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Inspired People

Inspired People – Peter Ahrens

This week we have Peter Ahrens, a South Australian photographer with a gift for capturing the natural world. His images are instilled with a clarity that only enhances the emotions they radiate. Moments in time frozen to be repeated by all those who see them. Award winning beautiful work. I’m very happy to have him here to share his inspirations.

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Two planets

Two Planets – Off the leash

A couple weeks ago I posted some concept drawings for an alien species I have in my novel-in-progress. I thought I would share a little bit more of that universe tonight. I wrote a series of short character sketches where I threw the characters together in various situations. It helped me sketch out their history and relationships (and they were great fun to write).

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