15 minutes a day

15 Minutes a Day challenge

You may have noticed that I’m currently having a great deal of difficulty fitting my art into my current schedule. My other commitments are crowding it out and at the end of the day when I have finally completed everything I HAVE to do, there is just nothing left for me to put into my art. It is getting left behind.

So what happened to all my big plans? What about all those daily inspirations that crowd my brain on a regular basis? Well, I obviously need to make some changes.

First step is I’m taking the plunge to try and complete Melissa Dinwiddie’s 15 minutes a day challenge. I’m going to try to spend at least 15 minutes a day entirely on my art. Because sometimes I just need to tie myself to a chair and force myself to enter the world of creativity and, before I know it, I’m off and running with some crazy project.

One of the big hurdles I place in front of myself when starting a piece of art is ‘I don’t think I’ll have time to finish it right now, so I won’t start it, otherwise it will just become another one of my uncompleted projects’. Why should I worry about uncompleted? At least they are started and exist and aren’t forgotten in the cobwebs of my brain. I live with so many guilt trips surrounding what I have and haven’t done with my art. It is painful. I started dropping some of them last year and it freed up my style and promoted my efforts. Apparently I need to drop some more to increase the flow.

So…15 minutes a day…want to join me?

(finding my way)